How to use the Extensions app?

There is this Extensions app in my app launcher, that got installed right after I started using my L5.
I don’t think I will use it very often. But, since it’s there, I would like to know how it works - just in case I have to put it to use.

Problem is, when I start the app, it tells me that “something’s gone wrong”. The list of installed extensions can not be fetched, and I have to make sure I am logged in to Gnome.
Does this mean I have to run it as sudo? (If so, how?) Or is something else required?

I’ve also wondered what this is for.

Extensions is an app for GNOME extensions. The Librem 5 does not use GNOME. This app is not installed on my Librem 5.

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Ok so we can blow it away then.

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Probably we can. Good chance we would never feel the need to use it anyway.

Aha, it was installed together with Gnome tweaks - which I do use every now and then (fonts, dark theme).
If I try and uninstall it through the GUI, it suggests I uninstall Gnome Tweaks.

I do not know how to command line it away, alas.

So I guess we can’t unless you don’t want to use tweaks.

Oh, I almost forgot:


What is all this Gnome stuff doing on my phone then?! (Look under ‘installed’ in the store, and scroll all the way down. Or just search for gnome in the store.)

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Possibly the statement was intended to be that the Librem 5 does not use the GNOME Shell (and so GNOME Shell Extensions aren’t applicable)??

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Ah, okay. That makes sense.

So, any advice on how to uninstall the extensions app without removing the gnome tweaks app? Or a way to switch themes and fonts and stuff without the Gnome Tweaks app?

It should work to make these settings with the terminal and gsettings. Have a look at:

I guess (use at your own risk):

sudo apt remove gnome-shell-extension-prefs/byzantium

Thanks for the advice. I will keep these solutions in mind. For now, I just set the display option for the icon to false. That’ll do for now.