How to use Tor?

I use librem13 version4

What is the Trisquel Abrowser? I don’t find it.
I can’t see .onion websites on Purebrowser. How can I use Tor ?

I downloaded tor browser but I don’t know how to open :frowning: I can’t open it

I also googled and tried to type some command for the first time to install tor but it didn’t work :frowning:

I just wanna see some .onion websites :frowning: please help :frowning:

This article is outdated, it’s from 2014, when Trisquel was the operating System in the Librem Laptops.

To use Tor Browser in PureOS, you can follow this tutorial:

Thank you !
Btw why do I have those Errors when I type that command? Did I install Tor successfully ? ( sorry i’m a beginner :frowning:

Try doing: sudo apt update and then run that command again