How to use uBlock Origin to protect your online privacy and security


uBlock Origin tutorial < August 16th, 2020

This video tutorial explains how to use uBlock Origin in advanced user mode and all the advanced settings to protect your online privacy. With this uBlock Origin video, you’ll learn how to use it to protect your online privacy and security. The biggest benefit of this tutorial is that you’ll learn how to block scripts with uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin is essential to learn how to protect your online privacy, and can replace other extensions like uMatrix, Request Policy, Adblock Plus, Privacy Badger, and many other blockers.

Many people take uBlock Origin as an adblocker but it’s actually a wide-spectrum blocker. That means uBlock Origin can block malware, spyware, trackers, analytics software, scripts, iframes, CSS, and images.

Ublock Origin has an incredible power and potential to protect you from virtually all malware, trackers, advertisers, hackers, and creeps much better than any other blocker or even your anti-virus software.

all credit goes to the original uploader not to me. be sure to read all the description under the AV on libry dot tv web-site.

i guess it’s a good thing that Purism has included uBlock Origin and enabled it in FireFox ESR browser in PureOS. it works really well even out of the box with the Privacy Badger and HTTPS everywhere from EFF.

i still believe it’s EASIER to use LibreJS add-on from the GNU project instead of uBlock Origin but that isn’t installed by default so your mileage may vary …

What about behavior? Will a website still detect you have something installed and ask you to make an exception? (Like it would be kinda funny if it were able to shunt ads to /dev/null without the website knowing.)

In my experience, lots of times the website doesn’t “know” you’re using an ad blocker, they just put a “please unblock ads here” box up and then attempt to load the ad on top of it. If it cant, then you see the plea.

I currently use Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials, Decentraleyes, and Hide Promoted Reddit Posts on my firefox. Can anyone point me to a technical article that explains all that uBlock Origin does that these extensions don’t do?

Why not use algo vpn (it is a personal vpn that optional blocks ads with a local DNS resolver)?

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what do you mean by this ? i don’t get it ? what behavior ?

you can go BAZOOKA with this add-on combination that is enabled out-of-the-box in firefox-ESR in PureOS 9 (stable-Amber) … yes some sites will not even load if you do that and some sites will load just fine even if you make EVERYTHING RED (both in the global AND local tab)

do note that you have to enable ADVANCED MODE if you want to go CRAZY with it’s blocking capabilities …

sure, if you DEPEND on exactly those web-site that break when this is just in MEDIUM block mode then you are ZUCC-ed if you disable … but at least you can have at least SOME level of free-speech restored to you until you decide to give it up again :wink:

Detection behavior.