Howdy (face recognition login) intergration


let’s see. nowadays people use usb secure usb thumb wallets for the crypto cash mined in e-coin whatever.
instead of face-recognition which is not 100 % accurate and reliable let’s use a connect to usb type authentication device that will unlock phone in less time and be wired and 100% reliable and more secure. instead of password or 2 factor authentication or whatever. this coupled with encryption should offer us what we want without any penalities.
unless you consider a dangling key-chain usb device a penalty.


This thread is about the possibility of offering facial recognition as an extra option. I don’t expect Purism to do it because we would apparently need a bunch of extra cameras. But if the cameras were up to par and a community member put in the coding effort to make it seamless, I don’t see any reason that Purism shouldn’t offer facial recognition as a less secure but easier option to unlock a device.


face recognition is only easier and faster to unclock if and when it works because it is not a 100% reliable technology.

for example:
1.take device out
2.carefully position device recommended distance from face
3.scanning occurs
4.if it works the first time then it takes up only a few seconds at most
5.if it doesn’t work repeat steps 2 and 3 untill it does. requires multiple cameras. expensive. probably much efficient and cheaper specialized artifical inteligence software implementation exists in the proprietary ecosystem allready.

for encripted usb thumb authenticator used in enterprises this will be like so:
1.take phone and usb authenticator out
2.align devices
3.connect devices through usb port.
4.optional-only on supported usb thumb authenticators - enter pin code physically
5.device unlocks 100% everytime. secure. private. less software headaches. possible 100% libre firmware and software. cheaper. modular. can use complex login passwords without actually requiring remembering or writing anything. slower to align and connect devices (can be reduced by using usb type c connector)

do the math and decide.


first of biometrics is about not having to have to remember stuff USB-auth is quite a different use case. secondly, the multiple cameras are optional that was just a suggestion on how to improve accuracy tbh I’m already shipping in 3 camera’s gonna see if I can set up a system for a strong box of a raspberry pi ( Thirdly does anyone know where purism’s git is? Fourthly I think that this (as in biometrics in general) comes under a wider range of applications that will be contentious among the purism community (other examples are AI voice assistant integration, a system that automatically adjusts screen brightness depending on ambient light level, parental control tool panels (these could I reckon could be turned malicious by hacking as you would need a feature to log what sites where visited), google play store (I know I hate it but with the librem’s it may be necessary) among others). I think there needs to be a way to install these types of applications that do not pressure those who don’t want to install them, maybe we could have an option to allow access to an ‘expanded app store’ that contains such apps, you could toggle this on and off if you do/don’t want these apps.


Completely agree. But I think that you also could use, for instance, a QR code attached to the panel of your car (or in the back of your wallet) to unlock your phone. There are plenty of options to use or to avoid biometrics…


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