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he-ya ! just a fresh reminder from ProtonMail …

one more … until ~ 27 years of age the face (both m/f ) is prone to constant change … that’s why the police usually requires that you renew your ID card at 27 (at least where i’m from) … the iris and thumb-print not so much … but yeah … if you insist on using your mug-shot as your password then be sure to do so above that age or better yet when you’re older :stuck_out_tongue:

uh oh … one more from the above …

Be aware of situations like music festivals or sporting events where biometric identification is collected.

enters a selfie cloud-upload-orgy … nah ! bruh’ it’s cool !

Howdy (face recognition login) intergration

It’s a classic convenience v. security trade-off.

Using biometrics for authentication goes against the good advice not to reuse passwords. If you use biometrics then it is difficult to avoid reusing ‘passwords’. So, for example, the government might require face-scanning in order to pass through an airport but then that same face-scan might be usable by the government to break into every single other service that is ‘locked’ with your face.

As far as I am concerned, there are no “pros”. Just don’t choose to use biometrics. Ever.



but then i hear … "but my employer requires me to authenticate … "


… hence why I included the word “choose”. Your government or your employer may put you in a position of not being able to avoid biometrics. Just don’t use biometrics to lock anything when it is your choice as to how it is locked.