Hp 250 g8 power hungry with pure os

Hi, i have installed pure os on above mentioned laptop but now i found it to be very power hungry while using wifi and full screen brightness. It will last roughly 2 hours. Is that really normal or is something installed in the hardware to consume so much power. Is it possible that i have trojanized keyboard or wifi keylogger installed somwhere. Really have no other explanation.

Thanks for your help.

Linux in general is notorious for not being very energy efficient. It’s typical to see a loss of battery life when taking a machine designed for Windows and installing a Linux distro on it.

Check https://linrunner.de/tlp/index.html

sudo apt install tlp

Those are unlikely explanations.

If WiFi is inefficient then you might check whether power save mode is enabled or not on the WiFi client.

It may be that if you enable power save mode, WiFi no longer works reliably, in which case you would reverse the change - but it doesn’t hurt to check this and try this (providing of course that you have local access to the laptop :wink:).