HP printer + PureOS

How best to print to an HP laser printer on PureOS? I use hplip on another distro (and package manager) but not sure how to go about that on PureOS.

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Therefore this install process should be, as well, easy one (like 1,2,3):
sudo apt update
apt list hplip
sudo apt install hplip

As just checked on my Librem 5, all packages needed there are indeed available within PureOS.

It turns out it was already installed and I only needed to run ‘hp-plugin -i’ to download and install the required binary plugin.


How do you check the HPLIP version after running those three commands?

Both apt list hplip -a (for all available) and apt info hplip will show current version number.

Thanks, btw how do you update the HPLIP version?

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Once particular package installed sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade will take care of installing the most recent package version, PureOS Byzantium related hplip version.

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Is it “sudo hp-plugin -i” ?

The reason I asked, is that I am planing on buying a HP Printer for my Librem 14 PureOS Laptop.

‘sudo hp-plugin -i’ will download and install the required binary plugin which is required each time you upgrade hplip.

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