Hypervisor Recommendations for Librem Server Hardware

Hi Purism Community,

I would like to hear your thoughts on what the best approach to running multiple instances of PureOS on Librem Server Hardware (eg. L1UM-1X8C) might look like. Back in the day I would most likely have purchased Dell PowerEdge server hardware and run a bare metal hypervisor like VMware ESXi, but having made the switch to Libre/FOSS [and haven’t looked back since receiving my Librem 14], this is definitely a no longer an option.

Initial thoughts are have it shipped with PureOS as standard and then use virt-manager to manage multiple KVM/QEMU instances.

Is there a more efficient way? How would you do it to maintain privacy/FOSS principles?

I wonder if Qubes OS would run well on it. If yes, this would be my recommendation for sure.

https://xenproject.org/ would be the hypervisor I would suggest for a Librem Server.

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Thanks fsflover, I also thought of Qubes, but is it more suited to running interactively (as a desktop) as opposed to headless on server hardware. Do you think it’s sandboxing and security policy would add much overhead to the server processes and network stack?

I’ll check out xenproject, thanks OpojOJirYAIG.

There should not be much overhead, except the RAM. Unless you hit a bug like one of these:

By the way, Qubes also runs on Xen.