Hypothetically, what if a Librem product was delivered but stolen from the door?


thid hasn’t happened to me as I haven’t purchased any purism product but say if the delivery company dropped off the product at my door and didn’t knock on the door (which happens to me a lot) and the product was stolen (which also happens to me a lot), I ak usually able to get compensation but I’m not sure how purism would handle such a situation. Suggestions?


Try to arrange to pick the package up from the carrier as opposed to having it delivered.

UPS and FedEx typically have these options.


The delivery should be “signature required” and if it is then the compensation should come from the delivery company. Unfortunately it does happen more than it should that deliveries that are “signature required” are just dropped off.

Some people arrange for delivery at work, which can be better because reception will likely sign for the package and keep it safe even if you aren’t there at the time.

So maybe your question is: when Purism dispatches a product, is it “signature required”?

The exact situation could depend on which country you are located in.


IMO this is not really a Purism problem.
They suggest an insured shipment in the shop. Ignoring that is ones own risk. In that case I’d hope the insurance clarifies that with the delivery guy.

Drop off without signature, really?
Sounds weird to me. It also sounds like the carrier can’t prove that they dropped it, so …
(The evil side of me just wondered whether to declare every package stolen until they stop this …)

In the cases where taxes would be collected, dropping without signature seems unlikely, but would be welcome (unless stolen) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I reside in the Uk at the moment.


unless after BRexit you get a basic income commune (everybody knows everybody) then … no problem :joy:


Insurance is an additional and relevant point.

Was insurance an option for original backers? Hard to remember back that far. LOL.

The problem is that the courier is probably using external contractors who get paid bugger all and so it isn’t worth their time to have to make another delivery attempt i.e. expectation taking into account probability of theft is such that it makes sense just to drop.

So if this hypothetical became a real, would it be delivered by Royal Mail or a courier company?

Is delivery to a post office box an option for you?

There are a couple of known UK residents who participate in this forum and who are waiting for their Librem 5 devices. Perhaps when one of them receives the phone, we will know more.


I agree with @beaker - the safest option is to receive the parcel personally at the carrier’s office. I always choose this option.


in my case :

  1. i will receive an appointment ticket (at my specified delivery address) from the customs office (for international parcels they are together under the same roof with the postal service office).
  2. i will have to move my butt to the customs office EARLY in the morning to reserve a spot.
  3. when my turn arrives i will cringe a little when the postal-officer demands to see my ID-card after which i will greet my teeth a little and after a brief moment of hesitation i will comply to the demand …
  4. i will present my appointment ticket then i will be politely asked to step inside the customs inspection office
  5. the customs-officer will ask me if i am who i say i am … :triumph:
  6. i will smile and try to offer a satisfactory response :upside_down_face:
  7. he/she will then proceed the inspection
  8. i will watch half annoyed half patient as this whole process unfolds before my eyes … :weary:
  9. i will reluctantly pay my customs fee that they shove down my throat …
  10. now i am the OWNER of my American-made free-software/open-hardware personal-mobile-compute-phone …
  11. phew ! :sweat:


Just buy a P.O. box.


@user1 The delivery requires a signature. If the person is not there to sign it goes back to the shipping station.


This does assume the carrier follows their policies. I’ve had multiple packages delivered that “require signature” and the driver dropped them on my doorstep without ringing the bell and the system said it was signed for.

Honestly, in this scenario if the package were stolen this should fall on the carrier/driver, but I doubt I’m the only person to experience this.