I am thinking about getting a refurbished Librem 5

Has anyone purchased a refurbished Librem 5? Does it the device go through a series of check points for it be refurbished.

I would look at some of the threads here from people trying to either sell their place in the queue or trying to get a refund and see if you can get a brand new device for the cost of a refurb that way.

If you’re in Australia there’s one for sale for $450 last I saw.

As far as whether or not there’s an official refurb process/checklist, not one I’ve seen publicized nor has there been any marketing around it. Being as support response times have been abysmal for me and others I’ve seen complain about response times as well, my guess is that there’s unlikely to be enough time for support to do a thorough review of refurb devices. But that’s purely anecdotal based on a small sample size. Draw your own conclusions.

FWIW support does seem very knowledgeable when they do respond, it’s just getting responses in a timely manner that can be challenging.


I may get the new one it’s only $200 bucks more I’m already paying $800 for a refurbished

I preordered one for $600, and I tried to get a refund, but no luck.

If you in some way can convince Purism’s staff to let them sell it to you instead, I can let you have it. New, untouched, for $600.


You can inform Purism to transfer ownership of an order to someone else. I bought another forum user’s Librem 5 and all they had to do was inform support the order number and the email address it should be transferred to. As for the exchange of money, I believe that’s between the involved parties to sort out and not Purism.


@slinden $599 preorders are by far the cheapest option now. Just make sure to get a modem suitable for US if you take over an international preorder. Shouldn’t be a problem and purism support can help you with this.

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I already purchased the L5 brand new

Looks like Purism is offering refurbished Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA products once again, just in time for the holiday season.

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I have a used L5 for testing… Would be nice if Purism sold L5 motherboards just in case…

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There is no plan to offer base L5 motherboards AFAIK, but there is a plan to sell bare Liberty PCB upgrades. The store page has just not been created for them yet.

(…but honestly, buying a spare refurbished L5 is cheaper than buying the Liberty PCB upgrade at this point.)

I previously proposed offering a category of replacement L5 components in the store, but this pales in comparison to some of the other priorities coming up, so it may take some time.


Feels like it would really help boilster the “forever phone” that Purism markets.


YES!!! :tada:

Oh… hmm… however a spare L5 doesn’t give you the extra RAM and larger eMMC… well it DOES, but not in the same single device.