I broke my screen/display: How to replace?



I left a USB cap on the keyboard of my new Librem 15 rev3 and closed the lid without seeing it. That damaged a corner of my screen (see picture). Everything else of the laptop is undamaged.

What options do I have to replace the screen?
Can I just order a new display panel and replace it myself?

Thanks for your support.



I hope Purism can provide you with some repair service, replacement screen or screen reference so you can buy one by yourself. I hope some day we’ll have a parts store for our Librems.
Some Librem users are looking for replacement key caps or batteries also.


Agreed, it would be really helpful to have a parts manifest so we can hunt down specific components without having to go through the support process. Anything that allows us to repair our devices without using Purism resources is a win-win from where I’m sitting.

FWIW I’m still waiting on a response to my question about battery SKU and suggested vendors.