I broke my screen/display: How to replace?


I left a USB cap on the keyboard of my new Librem 15 rev3 and closed the lid without seeing it. That damaged a corner of my screen (see picture). Everything else of the laptop is undamaged.

What options do I have to replace the screen?
Can I just order a new display panel and replace it myself?

Thanks for your support.



Agreed, it would be really helpful to have a parts manifest so we can hunt down specific components without having to go through the support process. Anything that allows us to repair our devices without using Purism resources is a win-win from where I’m sitting.

FWIW I’m still waiting on a response to my question about battery SKU and suggested vendors.

@goro Did you get a model number for the display panel? Mine has dead sub-pixels on it after 18 months and I’m thinking of replacing it.

I had nagged Purism via email for over 6 months without success. Finally I was given a form to fill out and send in my broken device. They want to assess it and send me an estimate for the repair fee. I’m still waiting for that.

It’s been a long and tiresome process. I hope Purism will streamline its workflow for such cases in the future.

I did not receive a model number or any instructions or advice to replace the screen myself even though I would have preferred that.

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while replacing the screen is easy, getting the bezel off to access it is not. They are glued on from the factory using some pretty strong adhesive. I’m guessing support wanted to figure out how to remove the bezel without permanently deforming it.

Just to mark this topic as “solved”: Purism has sent me a replacement laptop last year.