I can't find Firefox package

Hello, I cannot install Firefox (standard version, to date 94.0.2) in my Librem 5, I can only install firefox-esr which is good too, but I would appreciate to install the standard version.

  1. As I can see the arm64 package does exist in debian repos so to install it, shall I add debian repos in /etc/apt/sources.list or did I missed something (for instance package name typo mistake) ?
  2. Also, if Firefox is installable, is there something to set up in order to respect the Librem 5 screen scaling ?

Thank you for your kind help.

Hmm do you mind elaborating on why firefox-esr doesnt work for you? Only asking because I am using it now and just want to be aware if there are any issues with it. Thanks!

Hello, there is no issue on my Librem 5 firefox-esr version, just I would like to keep habits with my laptop firefox browser and enjoy the firefox standard features (compared to the “esr” UI, absence of “fission” feature, etc.)

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You need to be very careful if you do that - since there will be a mass of conflicting packages between the standard repo and the Debian repo.

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OK I did not add debian repo as you advised, good remark !
But when I see Firefox 95 which starts very quickly and add more isolation support, I would be happy to add it in my Librem 5 instead of Firefox-ESR

This is a good use case for Flatpaks, check out Firefox here


Hello, thank you very much for your kind help, however the Flatpak version cannot connect to KeepassXC web extension, this is also why I insist to install the standard version.
I somebody know how to proceed, please feel free to share, thank you !

You can try some stuff:

Any of them may give you problems, like broken dependencies, I use to do the second one on my desktop with Debian Testing to have the last Firefox always, but time to time you’ll need to add some missing dependencies from Debian Sid.


This is a real problem as the current ESR is no longer supported, and there have been quite a few major issues patched since then. Latest is 91.4.

Also the flatpak doesn’t seem to work for me on the Librem 5.

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Where is not supported?

Read the documentation here: