I can't listen to the videos and music

Good morning and good afternoon.

I’m Víctor from Spain and yesterday I installed your Linux PureOs distro on my laptop and everything was perfect except the videos and music. I can see the videos, but I can’t hear it. Same with music, I can see it but not hear it. I would love for you to give me some solution to be able to listen to the videos and music, please. The videos are mp4 and the music is mp3. Waiting for your reply soon.

Greetings from Spain.


There could be a host of things wrong, but I am curious - what Output device is selected under Settings > Sound?

Without knowing your laptops hardware, I would suggest trying different options here (if there is more than one option available).

Thank you very much for answering. When I have tried PureOs, it has been in live mode and I don’t know if this influences the fact that the videos are not heard. I was looking at the audio settings and it was at maximum, nothing is heard. I also did not try to install the following audio and video applications such as VLC and MPV and it does not tell if the videos are heard or not. The laptop features are as follows: Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ITL05 Laptop i5 16GB 512GB SSD 15.6" W11

I would love for you to give me your opinion, please. Waiting for your reply soon. Greetings from Spain. Victor

PureOS includes only free and open source software, which includes drivers for hardware components. Most laptops have hardware that requires proprietary drivers to function properly, and so PureOS will not work correctly on most laptops. I am not certain, but I think your laptop probably requires proprietary drivers for processing and playing audio through the speakers.


Thank you very much for answering. What can I do now? Do I install any multimedia application like VLC or Mpv? I don’t know where to look for those drivers? Can you help me please? Waiting for your reply soon. Greetings from Spain.

Try installing VLC. Open Terminal and type sudo apt update && sudo apt install vlc -y

After the installation is complete, simply open the audio or video file again and PureOS should default to using VLC for most common multimedia files. Let us know if you hear any sound at that point.

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You will not be able to easily download the correct drivers using PureOS. PureOS will not make those drivers available in any repository, and Lenovo does not seem to offer Linux audio drivers for download, or at least, I do not see any Linux audio drivers on this page:

Honestly, I recommend not using PureOS on this computer. There are very few computers for which PureOS is a good choice. For this Lenovo, I would recommend trying Ubuntu. Ubuntu generally provides proprietary drivers that PureOS cannot offer.


Thanks for the advice, when I install it I will tell you.

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Thank you very much for answering. The Ubuntu problem that the laptop stays locked, every time I open the Ubuntu store, it also takes me a long time to open the Firefox browser. I think it’s because of the snaps packages. I will try to install these two applications (VLC and Mpv) from the terminal and see what happens. If in the end I can’t listen to the videos, I’ll have to install the Pop-Os 22.04 distro.

Good luck! Pop!_OS is also a good distro, so that should be good, too.

I definitely don’t like Ubuntu snap packages very much either

Hi, ensure that your laptop’s audio output is correctly configured. Click on the speaker icon in your system tray and verify that the volume is not muted, and the correct audio output device (e.g., speakers or headphones) is selected.