I Feel Betrayed by Purism over Librem One

I’ve been trying to get support to add a simple email address on my family paid plan for over a month. I went through the motions, and created the user via the proper screens, I got one “500 error” after creating it. Account-wise, the name exists on my plan. The address is (in theory) saxenviolets@librem.one

But email no. Support has had this over a month.

The attached pic is over a month old.


Is that because maybe the email isn’t free? If you look back at Librem one, email isn’t listed under the free account.


Whatever the “free” one was didn’t work. Is that maybe because…

Reminder: In my top post, I said this was a “paid” plan.

Is it it now worth paying for or should I let my account drop?

My yearly paid account ends in August.

Based on your first post I wouldn’t unless it’s a charitible contribution.

You mean a “500 error” from your web browser during the setting up of the email address? If so, 500 as an HTTP error is an “Internal Server Error”. It is possible that the email address is in an indeterminate state i.e. creation has started but not finished. If it’s not going to cost you any extra, what happens if you start again with trying to create an email address but a different email address this time? You could go with saxandviolins this time. :wink:

Is there a length restriction on the local part of the email address (the part before the @ sign)?

Yes I created another (shorter) user for them to play with including its password (which had the same problem in the pic) and they could not fix that either.

A server admin should be able to delete and recreate a user with its email address at will, so a user error shouldn’t matter. They have had a month to fix it.

I created the same name in gmail, so it isn’t out of RFC spec.

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The service is working for others, but it isn’t working for you. If the service isn’t working for you, don’t pay for it.

When you delete your librem.one account does this automatically stop any reoccurring subscriptions? I didn’t necessarily want to delete my account, but managing subscriptions only gave me the option to move to other paid subscriptions instead of just cancelling.

I find this kind of sketchy. I just renewed in May for a year. I would have liked to have used the rest of that time, and just not renewed. Now, I’m just out.

That is just not a very well thought out process that screws the customer.

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For me the timing is just right. It gives enough time to transfer other things that have ties to my email address, like banking, social security, investments, my son’s emergency contact for next of kin in the USN, etc. For some social media like groups.io, I’m double-tapped on subscriptions with another email so I can just let it die.

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You’re right, I can see that clearly on librem.one homepage “18795 Happy people”.

Update: I finally got email working on the additional address desired.

Case closed.