I fixed the librem 5 page

I tested in Firefox with stylus.

This fix the headerbar overlap.


i forgot to say… I only test on librem 5 page but will probably work on other pages.

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What was the issue you were trying to fix?

In firefox the Librem 5 header overlaps the Purism header. Pretty much every product page looks messed up.

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I will happily fix it for free. I am a professional software developer. My freelance company was Goddard Labs, but now I work at a research company and I cannot moonlight as part of my contract, but I can do it for free no problem if you want.

Odd. This doesn’t happen for me (Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit) on Linux).

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Works for me too (same browser version). In fact, it is not possible to have the two headers on the Firefox window at the same time i.e. the Librem 5 header does not appear until I scroll the Purism header off the top of the window.

Whether I like that behavior is another question …

seems the issue is related to the window size.

Thanks for reporting it, we will have a look into this

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OK. I was using a window that is most of a FHD monitor e.g. about 1700 x 800.

Good to hear it. Appreciate what you guys do.