I got my Librem 14 today but WiFi is not working?

Hey, I got my Librem 14 laptop shipped today with QubesOS installed on it.

After having a few problems with my PureBoot & LibremKey I’m having the next issue with my WiFi, I can’t get it running the Killswitch is working properly but still I can’t get any access to wifi or bluetooth, when I connect my Google Pixel with GrapheneOS and try giving it internet trough usb tethernet it works but I can’t get WiFi running.

I tryed using google but didn’t help me :confused: So I hope you guys can help me out

I had some issues as well. Here are a couple of things I did that helped:

  1. IIRC: I noticed that the NetworkManager (system tray) would only show me LAN connections. Fix: Qube Manager / click on sys-net / shut it down / click Settings / go to Devices tab / move “01:00 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros…” from “Available” to “Selected” / restart. I think this becomes an issue if you install Qubes with the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth killswitch switched off, causing the installer to not realize it should attach it, but I’m not sure about this.
  2. When you connect to the Wi-Fi network, you may want to hard-code the adapter’s MAC address in the Device field of the connection. By default, Qubes (and some other OSes), places the adapter name in here, which changes from time to time, causing your connection to break. Fix: Right-click NetworkManager in system tray / Edit Connections… / select connection / click setting gear / Wi-Fi tab / Device field: click the dropdown to see the option that includes the MAC address / add the MAC address only in this Device field. I’m not 100% sure this fixes this particular issue, but it has been working well for me for a week+.

Can someone explain to me how a new device that is supposed to have passed a quality test can arrive to a customer like this?

Qubes issue, not computer issue.

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Probably your Qubes OS was installed with WiFi kill switches off.
Turn them on and then re-install Qubes OS has worked for me.