I have a Librem L5 phone that i have barely used and want to sell

I have a Librem L5 phone that i have barely used and want to sell
as much as I love to be part of the linux phone development effort, Im done.

you can respond to this post with with your offer

It makes sense that you specify at least the following information:

  1. Modem version. There are 3 different modems and they work in different parts of the World. This is a huge factor for a potential buyer.

  2. The country where you live. This has impact on the shipping costs, and it has impact on possible import duties that could mean additional 3 digit cost for the buyer. So it is again a huge factor.

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good points

  1. Modem version: I will check the modem version and post back, (works with TMobile network)
  2. Location: USA

I think USA already answers both questions as this should be the US version of the modem. Thank you.

In Europe it is more complicated as you could have the European version of the modem, but there are countries that are non-EU. :wink:

Is this a USA or China made phone?

  1. Condition of the phone? Any nicks, scratches, dents, …?

Posting photos could also cover the previous question (as to whether it’s a Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA).

It’s a Librem 5 USA version
I will post photos tomorrow
thanks for the inquiries.

Attached are a few Photos of the Librem 5 USA available for Sale!
2023-01-02 13-45-31|666x500

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