I have been stuck on phosh 0.28.0

I have been stuck on phosh 0.28.0 for a while now. It won’t even pull an update. Can someone please help me ?

Hmm. I have not done extensive customization or anything, and have not reinstalled PureOS since receiving my device, and I am on Phosh 0.32.0

To help others help you, what does the following print in a terminal?

sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list

(If prompted for a password, use your Phosh lock screen unlock code.)

Yes but without Phoc 0.32.0

This is what I have

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apt search phosh

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What does sudo apt list --installed display for phosh?

Mine displays:

phosh/byzantium-updates,now 0.32.0-1pureos1~byz1 arm64 [installed,automatic]


I was just reading @guido.gunther 's post on the Phosh blog here: Phosh 2023 in Retrospect · Phosh

I saw the below information and decided I was missing out on something:

"We got one new plugin to execute actions from the lock screen and Chris added a simple way to enter information for emergency situations like medical information, blood type, etc.:

However, I checked, and I am still on Phosh 0.32.0. That was released on October 6, 2023. Does Purism roll Phosh out slowly for some reason? I want this feature. I am impatient.



You can try adding byzantium-updates-proposed into your /etc/apt/sources.list, then execute sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade phosh phosh-mobile-settings.

Otherwise, you can reflash to Crimson like I did.

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What version of Phosh is part of the current, standard updates?

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Probably 0.32.0, based on our responses. I only reflashed to Crimson a week after my last post in this thread.

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This seems to be a duplicate thread of the same question: Cannot upgrade to newest PHOSH. Stuck at 0.28 (the phosh was latest - a mixup of phosh and phosh-mobile-settings).

And new posh phosh is on its way: Phosh 0.35.0 · Phosh (yesterday)


Correct, @MidnightSun chose to start a separate thread instead of answering my question in this thread. I eventually asked them the same question over there and got a response.

I tried your helpful advice but I got this in the terminal:

phosh is already the newest version (0.32.0-1pureos1~byz1).
phosh set to manually installed.
phosh-mobile-settings is already the newest version (0.29.0-1pureos1~byz1).
Calculating upgrade… Done
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Do you know what “phosh set to manually installed” means?

On a larger topic, is there somewhere I can find out how Purism plans to release essential software updates for essential things like Phosh? Put another way, “is there some sort of plan that I am unaware of?” October is a long time to not update something that has been updated, I believe, four times since then.

I would install Crimson but I daily drive this device and I don’t want to break it. Now, if you tell me installing Phosh 0.35.0 might break the Byzantium software I already have. Ok. Fine. I accept that. Yet, what is the plan here? I think that is really what I am looking for.

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apt marked it as manually installed to prevent it from being automatically removed if no other packages depend on it; here is how to change it back:

sudo apt-mark auto phosh

Not as far as I am aware, and I suspect the answer will dramatically differ between Byzantium and Crimson.

I also daily drive my Librem 5 USA as mentioned in this thread, although my use case may be different from yours. For more information about Phosh, use this link:

For milestones/releases:


Isn’t this a fundamental conflict?

Personally, I want a stable phone, even to the exclusion of having latest-and-greatest features. However I still want important security updates and important bug fixes - and occasional new functionality if it’s needed to cover a significant pain point.

It is more complicated here because some of this will be being driven upstream.

I am more than happy to be on the bleeding edge with desktops / laptops. I have many. If one breaks with an update, I can use another while waiting for a software fix or while trying to revert the update or while trying to work around the breakage. Not so with my Librem 5.

I totally understand that each customer will be different.

If you really want an answer about plans and/or release policy, you will have to ask Purism.


I feel the same hesitancy with experimenting on my Librem 5. A laptop was something I could break the OS and just restore from backup.

With the L5 acting as my laptop AND my phone, I don’t want to break the OS as my main means of communication will be down.

Single device for everything also means single point of failure :sweat_smile:


Using Jumpdrive, you can treat the Librem 5 the same way: image the eMMC drive regularly and if you break the software on your phone then restore the last known good image.

However I still want the stability of not intentionally having to do that - so I don’t want to treat my phone as a crash test dummy.