I might order second L5?

I dunno I think its really cool the Aspen is going to be a handcrafted rough release candidate but kinda want the gen 2 14nm CPU fir version too .

1350 is a lot of dough to shell out but then I think about how many are shelling out 1100 for the note 10 plus spybrick STARTING at 1100 .

… I have a decision to mull over.


I have your same feeling, but add 700$ is just too much for my wallet, i don’t know how much this will cost to purism, i don’t think they will pay more than 150-200$ for that hardware, i think should be nice a kind of combo for people who already ordered the device to add 250$ and have aspen + another batch chose by us (like already is) i think a lot of people will be interested to this combo for have the first prototype (aspen) and probably the v2 too


That’s a bit much to ask. It should be worthwhile for both sides. Think shipping, handling, warranty risk and at least a bit of development costs.
Also, if it’s too much, people would abuse it and sell them on ebay.

More in general, it would be lovely if they would make something like family bundles, e.g. get 2 for $1099 (save $199).

And/or for everyone who ordered before such bundles existed, give them a $199 coupon for a phone or laptop order.

This way, both sides profit.

I “foresee” that they’ll do a campaign for the v2, not because it’s hard to develop or they desperately need the money, but for publicity / visibility and thusly making production more economic.
Again, the campaign price could be lower than the final price, as that’s what profits both sides most.


I was thinking along the same lines but I have to wait a bit and save money for a second L5.

On the other hand the old Samsung that my wife has is starting to have issues … :-).


I dunno what’s the hardware cost for them i hope and think will be something like 150-200, if it’s true that’s why i wrote 250$ so i will be happy and they make some more little profit, you are right about the reselling risk, whould be fine for me to receive my aspen at the end of 2020 with fir to avoid the reselling issue if 250$ is something profitable for them, i whould like to have aspen for collection, because i was one on the first backer and i’m pretty sure i’m in the first batch but i prefer to wait for fir since my current phone is still working and my desire is just to have also aspen because i’m proud to be one on the firsts who believed in this project and also because i think it’s something they made with love, but i cannot really afford 700$ just for collection, unfortunatly i’m not rich, and onestly it’s even the first time i spend more than 250$ for a phone

Same :blush:
Everything above $250 is for idealism / shaping the future.


I usually buy old phones one or two years after their announcement date. Thus they are fairly cheap and I have never needed the last update (except software). It is different with L5 because it has something I really want and need i.e. privacy and open software.

By the way, I bought a chinese Doogee once and it was a total disaster. It came with shitware installed in the system ! It was impossible to use because if I tried to make a call the screen was filled completely with stupid flashing adverts … I tried to reinstall the system (android) but did not succeed so it is now in the junkyard. Pity because the hardware was fairly good. After that I really appreciate privacy, security and open software.
After all this was pretty obvious and I think the more sophisticated spy phones of the big companies are worse than this stupid system (which was junked immediately).


it suddenly had a minor “cerebral” attack from all those years it had to “eat” digital-junk-food…

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