I need a Linux Document Manager non cloud or Web based?

I have searched without any luck for weeks now, for a Linux DM, that is independent of the Web and cloud storage. I’m looking for help and any suggestions please?
The only program that I have found thus far that has even comes close in Linux, surprisingly, is “Basket Note Pad”, which is not know to be a DM!

Something like this?


Wow lo0, thanks for the fast responds! I’m on the website right now checking Documents out, and I’m still open to suggestions!
THKS. for the reply.fb

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@fireboy Seeing as you are mentioning “Basket Note”, may I suggest Scrivener.
Scrivener is a really good piece of book authoring software. It is cross platform so can be bought for Windows and Mac, but a linux version was made and abandoned. I use that Linux version and it has only one small issue - the font and highlight colour selection buttons don’t work (not a big issue because you can select those very same things through the menu)
The linux version was really difficult to install for a while, but could be done with some hard work. The problem is now solved for all time however. Download from https://www.wayoflinux.com/blog/scrivener-returns
Follow the instructions, it will be quite simple.
The program allows you to put in keywords, threads and colour the threads etc. It is really quite comprehensive if a book authoring program will serve your needs.

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Big Thks. Anybody!
I cked out the link and am cking out the youtubes on Scrivener right now, looks like Scrivener has a lot to offer. Hopefully, I can post my findings and results!fb