I really hoped that Purism could make "Librem 1" watches, but

Purism chose name Librem One for the services (I expected Librem Zero). And Pine64 are going to be the first to make the open-source smart watch:


I believe this is something Purism would be happy about. As a social purpose company there goals are to see their social purposes championed through out the world and particularly in the tech industry.

More power to anyone that wants to make products that support our rights to privacy, security, and freedom.


A smartwatch that runs on solar or automatic as addtional ways to charge battery with wifi kill-switch would be great.


Wow,their userbase is…wow. Can I just say I love you guys and gals :heart:
Anyhow, I wish pine the best of luck making this :slight_smile: There’s a long history of open source software being modified (deblobbed, etc) to be Free as in Freedom. The design is excessively masculine amongst other factors though. What I hope is perhaps Purism (when they’ve time, I get they’re kinda busy now :)) perfect the software and share it with Shinola in a collaboration.

If you are going to have a smartwatch then it should be an open source, freed one - but I think someone would need to spell out what you can do with it. Maybe for $25 it doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

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FreeRTOS… If they manage to make it Pebble-compatible (proto wise, api-wise) that will be a huge success - there’s quite a big app/face base and ready infrastructure (rebble, phone-apps). Understandable it would likely be BLE (as it’s on nrf) but if they manage to preserve higher level protocol should not be problematic to write a new comm layer.

Most importantly: Will it have a terminal app from which I can ssh to the world?

I don’t wear any watch for more than 20 years now. However I admit that a linux watch would be interesting.

you then need asteroidos-like (linux), not freertos based watches