I saw PureBrowser is gone, what happened to my saved login/pws and bookmarks?

Hello, I haven’t used my Purism laptop for a while and was surprised to see that PureBrowser is gone now and replaces with Firefox. My question is, what happened to my saved login/passwords and bookmarks that were saved on PureBrower? Is there any possible way to recover it?

I had posted the answer to Reddit. The short version for those pretty good at Unix stuff:

  • Launch FireFox ESR (not sure if this is necessary, but you do need the ~/.mozilla/firefox/*_default-esr directory to exist).
  • There should now be exactly one directory in response to ls -d ~/.mozilla/firefox/*_default-esr. Make note of this directory path which I’ll refer to as $mozdir.
  • Remove all the files in this directory like rm -r $mozdir/*. Also remove any . files found when you cd $mozdir; ls -a. (I found .parentlock.)
  • Copy everything in your PureBrowser directory over (including hidden . files) by cp -R ~/.purism/purebrowser/*.default/* $mozdir. Again, copy any hidden files.
  • When you next launch Firefox ESR it should have all your bookmarks, preferences, tabs, etc.