I thought Purism removed all google links from their website, no?

I’ve recently spotted

  • fonts.googleapis.com

on https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-13/

Hi @anon10067017, I had a quick look when they updated the site and posted

but I hadn’t looked at the shop part of the site. To me it looks like that part of the site hasn’t been updated yet.

To my knowledge this is a 3 minutes task.
Does Purism host the source code of their website somewhere? I could suggest a PR.

Hmm, most of Purism’s source code is here as far as I know, but I a quick search did not reveal the website

Ah, it’s a theme issue, since the new website received all the attention but the (now separate) shop is essentially the old website with the old theme and all the cruft that needs to be cleaned up, but we had nobody available on hand to do that work. I’ll let the Purism team know with a TODO item so that it’s tracked.


the code is still there… :frowning_face: