I want to bring my Librem 13 back to factory freshness

I’ve picked up a used Librem 13 that now sports Windows 10. Apparently the previous owner wasn’t PureOS friendly. Anyway, is there a doc available that’ll lead me through the right steps?


You can start here:

If it is running Windows 10, you probably have Coreboot installed, unless you have an old Librem 13 before 2018 that has proprietary UEFI. Either way, it is easier to just leave whatever BIOS/UEFI is already on the machine and just install PureOS on it.

It’s a Librem 4. If I understand completely, I can just lord the Pure Os onto a thumb drive and overwrite windows. Correct?

I mean, Librem 13 v4

What about that “new computer” smell?

Good news. I was able to install the latest version. Thanks!