I want to install tails installer on pureos

Hi I use librem. I want to use Tails instead of PureOS.

I tried to install Tails installer but WiFi got disconnected. I tried it again with good WiFi connection but I can’t install it. I can’t even click on Cancel button. Please help :frowning:

It stopped at 4 percent installing :frowning:

Usually Tails is installed to a USB flash drive, or one can still download an ISO and put that on optical media, then boot that. There are instructions on the Tails site. My disclaimer is that I have used Tails for several years, and different versions. I do not own a Librem ( I have not won the lottery yet.) I am working on trying to install the Pure OS onto one of several other computers. They are being disagreeable, wrong hardware, boot problems.

After one installs Tails onto the first USB (or was that what you were doing?) Then one inserts another USB flash drive to install the Live Tails onto the second drive. The second drive can have an "Persistent File, information that is kept.

You can leave the Pure OS on computer, and boot the Tails on a USB drive. As Tails is meant to be anonymous, it (in the past) was considered to be more secure to not modify Tails. Then you would always boot a fresh install of the OS. Now the folks who have created Tails to allow one to install other software. and have a Persistent file on the same USB.

You may be ahead of me, and the issue might be that Tails might not have a driver for the Librem computer wireless adapter. But it does not make sense that the WiFi would crash in the middle of the install.

Anyway, my thoughts; Try to install Tails the way it has always been in the past, with two flash drives as described on the Tails website. Perhaps clone it back over to Librem hard drive. (hmm, that might not be a good idea, usually one does not clone an OS to an SDD-used to be – someone got better knowledge?) Perhaps try to run Tails in a Virtual machine in the Pure OS?

I have been interested in using Tails as installed on primary hard drive, then just using that from the standpoint that the folks who do Tails keep up with all the Debian Security enhancements, and also do some testing. I see other Security OS’s that are maintained by one or two people. Testing seeming to be haphazard. So I am interested in what you find out about installing Tails onto hard drive. So please come back here and keep let me know what you find out.

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Thank you for quick response. I installed it in usb as you wrote! Thank you!!! But I can only use Tails when my usb is on my computer ;( i wanna install it and make Tails my computer’s OS :frowning:

The purpose of Tails is that you do not install it. You only ever use the live version, so that you don’t leave traces on any computer you use. It’s all temporary.


CloneZilla?? But I do not know how to sort out the boot.

Taylor-Williamc what you say was the standard for a long time. Now some are thinking that if an individual is going to put Linux on the primary drive, then Tails is a version to start with, as the group of developers keeps up with Security updates and testing. Then one can mess it up with keeping personal information, adding programs, but still better than say Ubuntu Linux. Pure OS being better than Ubuntu, and so on.

But if one agrees that we can truly not beat the NSA, and most of us do not have a reason to beat them. (I might feel different if I lived in China and wanted to be a Cyber Dissident to the Chinese government.) Then we are only trying to limit Malware, avoid Surveillance Capitalism. Then Librem, equipped with “Librem One” seems sufficient. Perhaps as valuable would be a set of procedures in how we use our computer and connection, a personal set of do’s and Don’ts would also be valuable. A recipe book.

Do you mean to install on Pure OS or in place of Pure OS?

Might look up using Virtual machines on Pure. I have never used Pure except as live version, and then only a bit, so I am not qualified to speak on Virtual machines. Although, using a Virtual machine, with Pure as a base, means you are using Pure to connect to internet, not Tails with its spoofing of connection.

Also you might go a long way for your concerns of security by using Librem One software. Librem One is a great concept.

You might look up Whonix. Qubes OS. A lot of work to attain a bit more sense of security. Perhaps read the blog site of Bruce Schneier. https://www.schneier.com/

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Did you get it working? Is it better than pure os

Here are the instructions for installing the Tails image on a live USB.


PureOS and Tails are different operating systems with different use cases. Specify an explicit criteria so that they can be more easily compared. “Better” is vague and highly open to interpretation.