I can’t install Tails


I followed this instruction and I downloaded Tails but I can’t install it. I’m at 3/7 on that instruction. Please help :frowning:

Why it says “no such file or directory “?
I use librem 13

I followed instruction but I couldn’t install it in my usb :frowning:

ls -l /dev/sd* is what you want to list devices in order to determine your USB drive

you can’t dd the image to the drive as a normal user, need to sudo or be root

last image looks like you were able to write it correctly though

Hi thank you for your quick response.
I looked into my usb but there were nothing :frowning: but I managed to download Tails and finally put it in usb :frowning: then i’m using it from USB but when I pull my usb out,Tails stopped:( I want to use Tails instead of PureOs permanently :frowning: How can I do???

There is another explanation on the tails website without using the terminal, maybe that is more helpful to you:

Thank you!!! I installed it successfully! :slight_smile: !!

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Tails is meant to be used off of a USB stick, it’ is not meant to be installed on a hard drive like other OSes. The “L” in Tails stands for “Live”.

It seems you can set Tails to use persistent (and encrypted) storage, but that will also be on the USB stick.

Hi did you get this working? Do you prefer tails to pure or? Thanks!