Icedove calendar configuration

I’m trying to sync my Google calendar to Icedove (lightning?) on my new PureOS install. But all the info I can find through searches (and the Mozilla website) tells me to use the “File->New->Calendar” menu to add the calendar, and there is no such menu. What am I missing? (I’m using the pre-instlled IceOwl 4.0.3 and Provider 2.9 add-ons).
Any help?

That’s Provider 1.9.

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Hi Michael,

you could go to Events and Tasks and import it (notice, I don’t use Google calendar so I am not sure if it works).

Assuming you are on your Inbox tab, press the button to the right of the search field.
Select Add-ons from the pop-up. If you don’t have these two plugins, search for them in your Add-ons Manager tab:

  • Lightning (v is what I have)
  • Provider for Google Calendar (v 1.9 is what have)

Enable both and re-start Icedove.

If you go to your Calendar tab (one of the buttons in the upper right corner) you can right click below the left side “Calendar” text, select “New Calendar …” from the pop-up, and chose “On the Network”. Pressing “Next” will show you a new entry (4th entry) called “Google Calendar”. From there you select your Gmail email address and log into your Google account. Worked for me …

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Jan, thanks for the tips. Sadly, I still can’t get it to work. Lightning was not pre-installed (even though Provider was). When I try to download Lightning, PureBrowser complains “Lightning could not be installed because it is not compatible with PureBrowser 38.2.1esr+pureos1”. If I somehow (not sure how) manage to get the browser to save it as a normal downloaded file (lightning-" (6.6MB), then when I try to install from file on Icedove, I get a “corrupt file” error.

I can’t install Chrome either (completely different issue, I know), but I wonder if somehow my PureOS install is bad. (I also can’t use PureBrowser to upload files to any website- the file upload just hangs, or sometimes I get a “0” response.)

Any ideas what to try next?

You should install addons from inside Icedove and not PureBrowser (which is btw broken atm, so I recommend installing Firefox while we tackle this issue).

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Thanks for the the help! To be honest, I’m not sure when I got it working- I just looked today and the proper version of Lighting is installed. I’m getting old I guess. :confused: Anyway… all is well now.

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