Icon disappeared after last 'apt full-upgrade

After the last sudo apt full-upgrade:

tail /var/log/apt/history.log
Start-Date: 2023-04-15  08:27:20
Commandline: apt full-upgrade
Requested-By: purism (1000)
Upgrade: librem5-goodies:arm64 (0.0.9pureos1, 0.10.0pureos1)
End-Date: 2023-04-15  08:27:23

on icon on my L5 desktop disappearde. It first letter must be something between A nd F, because I noted that the icons shifted one position to the left (see screen shot): Firefox was before where now Foliate is and Goodvibes was were now Gscriptor is. The move of the location of Goodvibes which I start often called my attention, What icon could it be and why the update removed something?

BM818 tool?

root@pureos:/var/log/apt# for i in history*.gz; do gzip -dc $i | grep 818 ; done

I compared it with another L5. The icon which is labeled Contacts Importer went away. Why?

There are two files in /usr/share/applications/ which smell as related:

purism@pureos:~$ egrep 'Icon|Exec' /usr/share/applications/l5-contacts-*
/usr/share/applications/l5-contacts-exporter.desktop:Exec=/usr/bin/l5-contacts-exporter %U
/usr/share/applications/l5-contacts-importer.desktop:Exec=/usr/bin/l5-contacts-importer %U
purism@pureos:~$ /usr/bin/l5-contacts-exporter -h
Usage: /usr/bin/l5-contacts-exporter [--vcf|--csv], or just press the contacts exporter Icon in the app tray

But the icon is not on the screen: This issue is more an academic one, bacause I do not need neither the icon nor the software in this case :slight_smile:


The scripts were not removed, but the desktop icons are no longer visible. They can still be invoked via terminal, with the commands: l5-contacts-importer file.vcf and l5-contacts-exporter

The reason for this is that gnome-contacts now supports importing and exporting contacts. The contacts handling scripts in the package librem5-goodies were always seen (at least by me) as a stopgap until gnome-contacts had this feature.

The reason why the scripts were not completely removed, just had the desktop icon hidden, is that there are still two things that these scripts can do that gnome-contacts does not:

  • import and export contacts in batch via a terminal
  • import vcard (contacts) via bluetooth (which is useful for some users migrating data from other devices)

But if you want you can have the icons showing up again in the app tray, by copying the files

l5-contacts-importer.desktop l5-contacts-exporter.desktop

from the directory:


to: /home/USER/.local/share/applications/

and after copying them, remove the line NoDisplay=true from each of the files.