Idea: External keyboard possibility (snap-on/accessory)

In a local linux geek community some people showed interest in physical keyboard like those in Blackbery/Nokia N900. I am not a fan of physical keyboards but what about making it an optional accessory, some kind of snap-on. Decided to write it here for consideration as it could eventually bring Librem into more people as touch-only is a standard today and there are not many alternatives…


I would potentially be interested in an external keyboard accessory if it could be made for a reasonable price. Best of both worlds. Preferably using a wired connection.

This wouldn’t necessarily need to be developed by Purism, though they could help by designing the phone in a way that makes it easy to attach things to it.

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There is some option in the market, even if they are not the most beautiful thing.

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It would be okay something like that tailor made.

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I think a better choice might be some type of pogo connection that could double as a docking connection. and have the KBD be a slider.

It’d be awesome if they just put to bevels (or rails) on the sides like the old casio calculators so third parties could make add on cases with added functionality/modularity. I want a kickass speaker to blare Kraftwerk on the bus and drown out the young’uns !

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