Idea - Ruggedized Librem Laptops?

Given the kind of audience that Purism caters to, I think that rugged versions of Librem laptops may be a good idea. People who care so much about their security and privacy probably also care about the safety of their device and not to mention ruggedization probably makes it much harder to break-into physically as well.

I think that maybe Purism should take a crack at ruggedizing the Librems, maybe calling them the same but with an R at the end (EG: Librem 15v4R). Try doing it within reasonable limits money-wise (yes, nobody is going to pay $10k, but they may be willing to pay $1k to $3k more for a rugged version).

Gotta admit, it’d be pretty sexy to see a briefcased hardened military-like version of the Librem.

Just an idea I thought I’d pitch for future models.

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My thoughts:

  1. Let’s not forget phones. I would love a Librem 5R. However, considering their history, I think Purism might hold out on even looking into this until after Librem 5 is shipped.
  2. Until Purism does this at manufacture time, is there a way to DIY? It won’t be as quality as laptops manufactured to be rugged, but it’s a start.
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A rugged phone is more useful than a laptop. After all, I don’t find situation where you need a laptop in wild environment, but a phone is useful for geolocation and read some survival manual.

Though, more options is a good idea, but I guess Purism would need to find a segment of customers required rugged laptop and also concern about privacy, in order to make it at least compensate the cost, if not profitable. Target for scientist may be a good idea if it will even be made.

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