Idiot vs Librem case with sharp edges

I’m still a major fan of my Librem laptop, but here’s a stark lesson in why bevels matter in case design. If possible, let’s make sure that future revisions don’t feature any right angles. (There’s one particular edge that can mechanically sanitize your fingertips just at the base of the hinge, above the keyboard, for example.) Instead, they should all be rounded like the bullnose tiles around the perimeter of a swimming pool. The same applies to all the metal cutouts, but I’m cognizant of how difficult it might be to bevel those, as opposed to merely replacing right-angle box edges with tightly curved ones. Somehow, the Mac Book seems to have gotten this right. To be fair, they probably have a whole team of people working on case design. Nevertheless, their tight-fitting bevelled metalwork constitutes the state of the art.

Anyway, I was typing away at an email when the doorbell rang. I got up, whipped off my reading glasses, and set them on the table in order to see who it was. In my haste, I accidentally dragged them across the right-angle metal rim of the screen. Doing so literally shaved a few microns of lens material sheer off. I’m now looking forward to several hundred bucks in replacement cost.

Is Purism to blame? No. I was being an idiot. But to the extent that it doesn’t harm security or performance, good case design, just like good software design, should endeavor to prevent idiots from doing what they do best. Bevelling wherever possible would be one way to do this.

Meanwhile, the edge of your laptop makes for a great exfoliant device, just in case the winter weather is leaving you with any flakey skin!


It may help to say which model and revision of Librem laptop you have.

now that’s a winner attitude ! love you man !

@kieran It’s a Librem 15v4. I guess just file this under “finesse”. I mean, bevels are just one of those aesthetic but also practical refinements, like ensuring that there are no burrs left on exposed welding seams inside a car door. Finesse makes the difference between utilitarianism and luxury because only the latter is appropriate for idiots (and it looks better too).

as long as you don’t lop something off, i guess it’s fine :slight_smile:

I reminded of a commercial from a bank. The scene used a diner where the customer complained about not wanting mayonnaise on their sandwich. The waitress took the offending slice of bread and scraped the mayonnaise off on the right angle edge of the the table. (They used a close up of the slice of bread and the right angle.) The point was they should be able to configure their investment they way they wanted.

For the life of me now I can’t remember what bank was it was advertising in that commercial, if I did I could maybe find the clip.

more right angles please :sweat_smile: