If AT&T 4G service is all I get will the AWEsim be able to get data?

Many times AT&T gives me only 4G service, will the AT&T AWEsim be able to get data in areas like this today?

As of 2 days ago, AT&T has only 4G and 5G.

I would assume that as long as AweSIM is based on AT&T’s infrastructure, then AT&T’s 4G data network will continue to provide a 4G data connection wherever you have coverage.

This doesn’t preclude the possibility that AweSIM could change its underlying network at some point, to T-mobile’s 4G, for example. (Or base itself on both networks combined, even.)

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I should have clarified that AT&T data doesn’t work right now and that I was wondering if that changed with respect to the AWEsim, i.e. if I bought an AT&T backed AWEsim would the data start working somehow?

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Not sure I follow… Are you saying that you have a Librem 5 with an AT&T SIM inserted, and that you have no 4G data connection ever? If that’s the case, then either AT&T’s coverage is bad where you are, or something is not correct with the phone’s settings (APN, etc.).

AweSIM currently uses AT&T’s network for coverage, according to Purism’s AweSIM page, so in essence, AweSIM is the same as AT&T in that respect. The network is the same.

AT&T might de-prioritize an MVNO (reseller) in times of network congestion, but that should only be temporary.

BTW, I’m also using an AT&T reseller (not AweSIM), in the L5, and I do have 4G data.

The wiki you linked indicates that people do get data with AT&T-based providers. (Although it needs updating now that AT&T has shut down 3G.)

Yes, there seems to be a bigger issue afoot then I suppose. I have never had AT&T data on my Librem 5. I’ve tried a t-mobile SIM though and that data works fine. Could AVN settings prevent data despite being able to call and text?

  • as a side note should the wiki page I linked above be updated to reflect data is expected to work with more than just 3G? Or maybe be clarified as to what it actually means when it says (using 3G) which apparently sunset two days ago. I remember reading somewhere else the modem wasn’t approved for AT&T and thus I figured couldn’t get data. That wiki page is quite confusing right now it would seem.

Yes. You might want to compare your APN settings with AT&T’s recommended APN settings (or if your carrier is an MVNO on AT&T’s network, go with the MVNO’s recommended APN settings).

You might also want to confirm that the L5 is actually saving and using the carrier’s settings. I’ve noticed in the past that it can be temperamental in this respect. (It can also depend on AT&T’s actual coverage in your area; is it normally good for 4G with other devices?)

About the wiki, I have editing rights, so I’ll add some comments to reflect the shutdown of AT&T’s 3G; those entries were written while 3G was still operational.

Yes, I have AT&T 4G service with other devices. There seemed to be a bug (referenced below) that was affecting my ability to make calls and text reliably though it seems it has since been closed since last time I checked! Way to go team!

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It could also be that AT&T disallowed your L5, since the IMEI doesn’t pass muster: US Carriers / IMEI Compatibility Checker

I’m using a Truphone prepaid international travel SIM that normally roams on AT&T when in the U.S., so it’s possible AT&T doesn’t care about mine. :man_shrugging:

But the IMEI gatekeeping doesn’t explain this.