If I order the base model am I still able to fully upgrade ram and disk space over time?

I want the better specs but I’d like to build out my machine over time for budgetary reasons. If I order the LibRem 14 8gb will I be able to upgrade it all the way to 64gb eventually? Also if I order Sata disks will I be able to add nvme?

Yes, we try to avoid things like soldered RAM or hard-wired disks on our laptops, so you can remove the bottom of the case and replace RAM/disks on a Librem 14 just like with our other laptops. Among other reasons, this helps with the longevity of the device as you may find after a few years that you need extra RAM/disk.

You’ll just be responsible for ordering the correct RAM or disk that would be compatible with the laptop.


To be clear … that’s one or two M.2 SATA disks. You won’t be able to use a classic 2.5" SATA disk in the Librem 14 (unlike earlier Librem laptops, which did support the latter).

So in the Librem 14 you can have one or two M.2 disks in any combination of M.2 SATA and M.2 NVMe.

I suppose that if the budget is a bit tight right now, you could be better off starting with just one M.2 SATA disk and upgrading in the future as your budget and needs require. (I say this because if you order two M.2 SATA disks then in order to upgrade to include one M.2 NVMe disk in the future, you are going to have to take one M.2 SATA disk out and at best repurpose it in another computer, and at worst put it in a cupboard.)

the issue with m2 as repurposed for an external drive is that it requires a different addapter compared the 2.5 inch sata version … might be a lil’ more expensive …

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Yes, a different enclosure.

By repurpose, I was hoping that the poster could use the M.2 SATA disk internal to a different computer.