I'm giving up on the Librem 5

There are a small legion of those who went into this endeavour without the correct mind set. They didn’t realize that they were participating in joining David to take on Goliath or perhaps have never enjoyed participating in team sports where you sometimes sacrifice your own glory for that of the team. This simple fact and examining the minutia of statements made by Purism which is already at a huge disadvantage to make a new from the ground up device without the benefit of canned circuit blocks around blob infested chipsets, indicates that these people should have never stepped foot into this battle as they lack the cohones to do so. If you want a slick tracking device, stick with the main stream devices, if you want to know that you helped make your kids future a little less 1984 then drop the whiny BS and be supportive. I just don’t get it.


That brings back memories. I never saw the actual machine (we used dumb terminals). The power cost must be huge.

One of my first university programming classes (pascal) was on an HP3000 – and we were severely limited in disk space (had only 2 x 250MB washing machine sized disk drives shared amongst all the students that term). The terminals were primitive dumb terminals (ASCII, 80x25??) and the editor was a line editor. The other programming class I had that year (FORTRAN, WATFOR I think) used punch cards on an IBM-360 mainframe ( I also learned IBM assembler on that two years later … where it was an effort to simply carry the card decks ; you were lucky to get more than three compiles in a day).

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Elitist much… also all of the advertising and marketing I saw from purism emphasized how the goal is for the Librem5 to be for everyone not just Linux zealots… ignoring the context of how people were advertised/marketed to then blaming them for believing what they were told by the company selling the product is lacking the cohones to stand up and recognize when something you support has flaws.


Key word there being “GOAL”. Never said anything about it being for linux zealots. Do you not understand what it takes to build a device from the ground up with a small tiny fraction of the engineering resources of say Samsung? And then on top of that your constraints are to NOT utilize tried a true circuit blocks because of their security/privacy implications? This isn’t just another phone, I hope you understand that. Well obviously you don’t.

Power? Not that much. I got one the earliest models that did not require air-conditioning and it all runs on 110V (not 220V). It does keep the garage warm in winter but it can withstand high temp in summer also. The clock runs out in 2028 so you have to fool it by telling setting the clock back and lie to it.


Built in obsolescence!!! Go after the company and get your money back! (sarcasm)<—for the sarcastically impaired.


Interesting that you can ascribe to me whatever you want while knowing almost nothing of me.

No, that actually wasn’t the key portion of that. Especially when you look at the older statements from purism and Todd where it was communicated as something they were doing not just a goal but what was being done and what the product would be not a goal of what the product would be. Purisms messaging of the past was… less than ideal.

Deflecting to how hard it is isn’t addressing the discrepancy between what was communicated and what was delivered.

Yes Purism is doing something that is hard. Yes they are still on the path and it will take quite a bit longer. Yes they may yet get to the original goal that they have not reached yet. Yes they have made mistakes. Yes there are flaws. Yes there are people that are blindly against purism. Yes there are people blindly for Purism. It’s OK to acknowledge the flaws, it’s the best way we can improve.

Isn’t part of the benefit of OpenSource that everyone can look for and find flaws to be improved, not that because it’s open source it will be perfect out of the gate…


For the clock, I think there is a 3rd party that holds the code (and license) for that part of the kernel. HP support ended in 2006 with a couple 2 year extensions for high paying customers. No one expected anywone to keep them running. It is like Cubans and their mint looking cars dated before 1963. There is a company offering a 10 year clock extention for $10K. (Last time I did a price check.) Again, the high paying business customers may opt for it.

Speking of big iron, I rack it in a 1.5M steel cabinet.

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Some people would see this as a positive, not a negative. If you have a built-in webcam then you either need a kill switch or you take other measures (e.g. cover with sticky label - but that won’t kill the webcam’s microphone). Without a built-in webcam and needing an external (USB) webcam, you have the ultimate privacy protection - you unplug it when not in use.

If I get one with a built in cam, I’d just get a slide tab as swag from some vendor show.

As far a s privacy, I’m a retired 3 letter agancy type. I’m most likely already compromised (and duly tracked). If you recall my old posts, my privacy model is like the old guy yelling at the neighborhood kids: “Get off my lawn!”.

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Won’t kill the webcam’s microphone though. (Better than nothing.)

Whoever is at the other end can listen to all my nightly PBS Newshour broadcasts and re-runs of Dr. Who! Actually getting to the end of Capaldi and am going to have to watch Jodie Whitaker butcher the character. After I’m done throwing up, at least I’ll get to start over again with William Hartnell in black & white.

In other happenings my wargamer newsletter Saxe N’ Violets now has an ISSN from the Library of Congress. Latest issue has a game called Five Minute Midway. It uses chocolate M&Ms for airplanes, when you shoot 'em down you get to eat 'em. (Since Kaz is gone no one else is pushing off topic promotions, I may as well.)

Are you toting a shotgun and a pipe wrench in your belt when you shout this?

Words like “legion”, “battle”, “glory … of the team” leads me to believe that you don’t understand that Purism is a for-profit corporation. You seem to have written yourself into their marketing story. I find that hilarious.

The above, combined with phrases like “correct mind set [sic]”, “team sports”, “these people”, “drop the whiny BS and be supportive” are all indicative of a personality disorder (PPD more than NPD). I don’t think you’ll get it (no introspection) unless I create an
analogy: The phrase “drop the whiny BS and be supportive” is analogous to a
rapist telling the victim to “stop the screaming and enjoy it”.

What is hilarious is that you equate the participation in a development project and not liking what you got yourself into as being raped. Wow, you’re accusing me of having mental illness? Lol

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Firstly: accusing others of a personality disorder is beyond harsh. Even more so if it’s just based on a few snippets you cited.

Secondly: there are other, less extreme ways to interpret what the parent comment said. For example, “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Feel free to pick a mainstream phone if you want things to be perfect. If you really want freedom, then manage your expectations and prepare to suffer a little.” That’s how I interpreted it, and it’s a perfectly valid thing to say, even though I don’t exactly agree.


Isn’t it fun being accused of something by someone who knows very little about you

Maybe all parties can take a step back from the mud slinging and we can have a more useful, discussion.


There are those who think “equate” is the same as “analogous” and there is the
rest of the world.

There are those who think “customer” is the same as “participation in a development project” and there is the rest of the world.

There are those that understand the word “indicative” is an observation
and not an accusation … and those that don’t.


I hope you do understand that your post was supporting the abuse of consumers
by a for-profit corporation. The imaginative use of words like “legion”, “battle”, and
“glory … of the team” are so strikingly warped that I found them both telling and

I said “indicative”. That’s not an accusation or even diagnosis, it’s an observation. You subsequently try to tell me to that there are “less extreme ways to interpret” and then take the most extreme interpretation of my comment. That’s great!

Their post was extreme. I think I have the right to take it that way and point it out.

You can’t honestly tell me that you read “indicates that these people should have never stepped foot into this battle as they lack the cohones to do so” as anything other than victim blaming and throwing accusations.

Another point that you might have missed is that his post was a reply to someone replying
to me. i.e. Read the thread: the OP was directing his attack to me. Did you miss that? Do you get it now?

then take the most extreme interpretation of my comment

I was offering a small piece of feedback on how your words have come across to other people.
Feel free to dismiss it. :slight_smile:

Another point that you might have missed is that his post was a reply to someone replying
to me. i.e. Read the thread: the OP was directing his attack to me. Did you miss that?

I don’t care that much about “who said what,” sorry.