I'm really excited for the librem 5

i’m super exited for the librem phone!!!
have amazing feature and look beauty, cant wait for have it in my pocket!!

i just have some questions because with my poor english i’m afraid to do not understood very well

  1. the phone will be able do make and receive normal cellular calling and sms? or work just with data? as i understand it will be capable to do that but i wanna be sure

  2. in the “A No-Carrier Phone?” section it seems talk about it, there is a kind of 3 different version or what?
    “f you still require a “traditional” phone number through a carrier and want to make unencrypted phone calls or messaging, it will be an option you can choose”
    there is some choice when i preorder or how can i be sure to have one with also the traditional phone capability?

3)the battery will be removable or not? and the case is

4)the port for charge and connect to pc is usb (what kind of?) or what?

5)is possible to pay it with paypal? could you add it to the payment options?

edit: i found the reply to my 3th question on the crowfunding page yes the battery will be removable

  1. Yes, it will be cable of it
  2. wifi only = you don’t put a SIM card in it. — data only = you put a SIM card with a data-only plan — traditional system = you put a SIM card in it with a regular phone plan.
  3. don’t know
  4. no idea
  5. will ask.

EDIT: you can email and ask for paypal, or use the ‘alternative method’ option for the payment and drop a note.

  1. Read the FAQ: https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/
  2. Tech specs will be detailed and finalized later. Read the https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/
  3. Read the FAQ: https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

thanks for the answers

just a thought, should be nice for all backers to have a little but usefull gift as a silicon cover, shoudn’t cost too much for you (maybe with a 3d printer even less) and is really usefull for us

Well, I’m pretty excited too. A true linux phone with privacy and convergence built-in? I have been waiting a long time for that.

The only thing that really bugs me (and I mean, really bugs me), is the incredibly small screen of 5". Way too small for me, unfortunately.

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don’t forget a screen protector, even more important than a case imo.

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