Image an L5 with a keyboard + stylus case

L5 with a privacy shield̽ running xscreensaver with a RT-MWK01 mini WiFi keyboard, and Xencelabs pen*̯.

*̽ privacy not protected vertically, only from the sides.

  • works when docked but, I’d be using a Madcatz S.T.R.I.K.E. M or ZSA Planck keyboard in that situation. :wink:
    *̯ Xencelabs has first class support for GNU/Linux drawing tablets.

Personally, I’d like it to connect to the USB-C, have a small battery of it’s own, pass-thru charging, a microSD card reader, and a cubbyhole for a thin but comfortable stylus.
It doesn’t necessarily need a touchpad… or laser. :smile_cat: But! Having a touchpad could be easier because I still haven’t gotten the hang of doing some things with the touch screen.

I’ll keep dreaming.
Maybe if we ever get the L9 2-in-1 it’ll have all that and then some.!



Wow. Keyboard is almost as short as the L5. :slight_smile:
I just bought a keyboard from riitech. I think it’s the i14 or i4. The killer feature is to have both: Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity. And somewhere I have some little stylus’ from a windows CE / mobile smartphone from HTC. Hope to find them some day. ^^

I tried to upload another photo but it’s just displaying a link to it, for me. :thinking: