IME Disabled Linux Tablets?

I’m looking for secure, spytech disabled tablet hardware that runs Linux out of the box.

Anyone found a good solution?

Does Purism have any plans for such tech in the future?

That depends on how confident an answer you want. Purism has certainly talked about this and at one stage plans were more definite than they have been in the last several years while the focus has mainly been on the Librem 5. I would be surprised if a tablet is not somewhere in Purism’s thinking but I don’t speak for Purism and I doubt Purism will want to comment publicly because a comment will be interpreted as a commitment.

From a position of self-interest, I would rather that Purism continue to focus on filling in the gaps in the Librem 5 - and then use that as the launching pad for a tablet, basically based on the same hardware. Various topics already contain rampant customer speculation on this subject.

What screen diagonal did you want? You can always use Librem 5 with an external (portable) monitor, including but not limited to the NexDock, to get an approximation of a tablet.

I don’t know how many tablets are x86-based and hence how many have the ME problem (per your topic title). Most tablets in the market do however have the spyware problem i.e. run iOS or Android.

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Purism Peoples… please make a spy-tech free, 8"+ color eink tablet, running Linux and I’ll pay a premium to get it.

Better yet, load it with 32+GB ram, a decent processor, increase the screen to 13"+ inches, and I’d pay a good deal more than a loaded 14" to have it.

Please make it with at least 1 or more microSD ports, and an Ethernet port… and my dream of working 100% in the sunlight, out in the forest might actually be realized :slight_smile:

Not as slim but

Does have those ports. Run on Raspberry Pi OS, plus several other OS. I have no clue how secure it is nor Raspberry PI as long you don’t involve those other mentioned spywareOS.

I also have been looking for a tablet recently, from my bookmark, here

Not much tablet marketing in US, you prolly would have a better luck with EURO or UK online marketplaces. I have noticed there are more availability for laptops or notebooks in those countries than US despite of chips shortages.