Import existing PGP private key to PGP card

Hello my friends from the other side :3
I finally got my PGP Card. All works well “gpg --card-status” looks normal.
My question is, how do I import my existing PGP private key into the PGP Card?
I have a .gnupg directory in my computer.
Looking at the documentation provided by Purism they talk about the main private key, the sub-keys… I have no idea what that is. The way I understand PGP I have a private key to decrypt my messages and a public key to give away. I should only need to put the private key on the PGP Card as it can derive the public key for that (is this correct?)

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Let is Ping to Purism @guido.gunther for.

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Please ignore this post. I just can’t delete it. Is irrelevant.
If one might come across this, the answer is no and yes.

  • No, you can’t put the main private key on the card, any PGP card not just the Purism one, they are not designed like that. You can only put the private subkeys. The main private key stays offline. Do I think that ok? No. But then again if smarter people said that’s how it should be done then that’s how I will do it ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯
  • Yes if you have a private key you can derive the public key from that, the same private key will always give the same public key. In the context of main public keys and sub public keys, you will want the public key of your main key. The public keys for the subkeys are irrelevant.
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