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I come from Russia and the only risk-free way for me to get any Purism product is to travel abroad, buy and pick it up there. If I try mail then the brand new Librem unit will be stopped at customs since any foreign computer requires receiving “notification” from Federal Security Service (FSB). AFAIK it is just an archaic formality which does not require giving anyone backdoor access to the device.

Would it be possible for Purism to contact FSB and get blanket notification like all major manufacturers do (single permission for the whole Librem line)? This would make mail delivery hassle-free for all of us. Here is the detailed roadmap by U.S. Dept of Commerce.


Any updates on this? I want to order Librem 5 and without this I won’t be able to receive it in Russia.

According to this document since 1 Jan 2018 there is no need for a notification when someone buys computers, smartphones etc. for personal use. Looks promising.

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Всем привет.
Ребят, кто-нибудь заказывал аппарат в Россию ?

VooDooK wrote: “Hello everyone. Guys, did anyone order device to Russia?”

Now my comment:
Our chances were not big earlier and now it’s much worse.
Also, most of Russian people never have excess money to pay excess shipping and service costs.
That’s why Purism must take care about direct delivery from China.

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In this post I reacted severely on the use of the word “must” as I found it inappropriate in the context of the current political situation.
My reaction was too harsh for several users, so I eddited the post and removed the content that was perceived as inappropriate.

This has nothing to do with the previous post, and instead is an invitation to introduce a political off-topic. Please keep this thread on-topic, and if you want to discuss the politics of sending devices, you mat try that in another thread, but also in a less flamey way if you do.

I’ll remove further political rants in this thread.


I reacted to the word “must”, which I admit could be due to a language barrier and unawereness of the word “could” as in “…Purism could possibly try to…”.

Do not mix foreign people with government of country they have to live, to be citizens of and to have no real influence to its external politics.
And yes, I know the difference between “must” and “could” words.