Importing keys is not working secret key missing

I’m trying to import personal keys to librem key as I did a factory reset.
But when selecting key 1 and trying to send it to the card the error says:
gpg: KEYTOCARD failed: No secret key
but I can see my secret key if I’m listing them [--list-secret-keys]

sec   rsa4096 2020-12-25 [SC]
uid           [ultimate] Name  <>
ssb#  rsa4096 2020-12-25 [E]
ssb#  rsa4096 2021-07-27 [S]
ssb#  rsa4096 2021-07-27 [A]

Any advice?

Founded the problem.
I’m having that # because I exported them after I pushed them first time to the key.
So … now I need to recreated all subkeys again in order to make it work

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thanks for the awesome informaton.

yes, there should be an warning in documentation, generate keys , then before put they to card backup them by --export-secret-keys , and --export-secrtet-subkeys
and then do key to card :slight_smile:

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If you follow the instructions in the Purism documentation then you will get the right result (generate keys, back keys up to one or more USB flash drives, then move keys to OpenPGP device).

It does therefore say: The act of transferring subkeys over to the Librem Key will erase them on your current system, so you will want to back them up to removable media like one or two separate USB thumb drives.

Could the warning be more prominent? Yes.

thanks my issue has been fixed.