Importing mail to Librem Mail from self-hosted solution


I’m currently hosting my own mail server, but also considering getting a Librem One subscription (I’d be happier with getting only the email though, it would be great a more granular approach). How easy would be to import mail from my current server? What’s the storage? Is it upgradable?


From the FAQ scroll down to Librem One, see item

How much data can I store

Basic tier users have a 1 GiB storage quota across all services. Complete tier users have a 2 GiB quota. If you exceed your quota, your oldest messages/posts will be deleted, until you are within quota again.

and the next item

Can I purchase additional storage

Once Librem Files and Librem Backup are released, you will be able to opt-in to a pay-as-you-go storage plan.

(my comment: I wouldn’t take that FAQ item as gospel, as being up to date, so probably best to email in order to confirm the current state)

How much do you need? If 2 GiB is enough then I guess you don’t need to ask Purism about the current state.

If your current server is IMAP and you choose the IMAP option when configuring to use Librem Mail then I guess you can drag-and-drop within a mail client.

I’ve done this in other contexts. It is tedious if you have a lot of email but you would get there in the end.

Or use a scriptable email client and you can do this essentially whatever format you’re currently using. Just keep in mind that IMAP is slow, so don’t expect it to be super fast to transfer a significant number of files.

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Thanks both!

I’v handled server migration for self hosted mail setup a few time already: I used the tool named imapsync, never disapointed :slight_smile:

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I suspect most of your mails are unencrypted.
Note that “We delete unencrypted mail after 30 days”
So… migrating your mail might have undesired side effects…

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If you use a scriptable email client, it wouldn’t take much to encrypt them on the way by. Wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

On that note, wouldn’t be a bad idea to let a user register a GPG key and encrypt everything not already encrypted with it. I may add that to my server.

That sounds pretty rude. How do they know what is encrypted and what is unencrypted? What is their definition of encrypted?

I understand what they may be trying to achieve but if they offer to store 1 GiB or 2 GiB then deleting it later on might lead to customer satisfaction issues.

An informed customer might consent to storing unencrypted content permanently, understanding the risks of disclosure that go with that.

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