Improve links within posts

I just tested a couple of things on the Forum GUI. First, the

The link-click-counter we often see within a post that displays how many clicks the link had. (a small grey circle with a darker grey number. The number signifies the times clicked.)

The issue is that I find if I click on it, it doesn’t open the link in a new tab, it open in the same window and we are sent away from
If I right-click, I can select open in new tab, which it does, but when done with the linked-to site, I need to click the Back arrow/icon in the browser.
By right-clicking, the counter doesn’t change. If I reload the page, the counter still remains unchanged.

I’m sure this GUI can be tweaked to:

  1. Link to open in another tab.

  2. Link counter disabled on right-click, or if possible, count a right-click.

Just a thought,

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Depending on which browser you’re using, and potentially whether you use an extension to manage tab behavior (e.g. Tab Mix Plus, New Tab Override, etc.), you should be able to change the default behavior for links.

I set mine to open links in a new tab. I can also limit that behavior to only affect links that go to an external website.

(It doesn’t solve the counter issue, though.)

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There is also a setting in your user interface preferences for how external links open (available at

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 12-14-52 Profile - maiki - Purism community

Open all external links in a new tab


Thanks @maiki but I think the change should happen at the source of the problem, not complicate a complex browser like Chrome. Then all sites links would work just like they would on
Right now, my cohort in cahoots is dealing with two other sites (clients) issues around does the site change, or ask the people of the world to twang their browser just for client.

My one bank requires I use Chrome, another said I should use FireFox. Browsers are having to become site-compliant, rather than site be compliant. Both banks tell me to stop using anti-stalker add-ons.

My flailing around this issue, was just about how the number of links can’t be considered useful if they are not accurate. That was all.

I’ll go have lunch now. It’s called one bottle of house red. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure that I understand what you are saying is the source of the problem.

For me the bottom line is … different users will want different behaviour … which means that it either has to be a browser setting or it has to be a forum user setting. I shouldn’t be imposing my choice of behaviour on anyone else or vice versa.

In this case it is a forum user setting, not a browser setting. Yes, that means that the setting would have to be set by you as a one-off for every single forum in which you participate where the forum uses the Discourse software (or some other software with comparable functionality).

In traditional HTML, no. There was no such thing as a tab at all - and hence no control over this whatsoever within HTML. The choices were 1. change current window to target or 2. create new window for target. So that meant that tab behaviour could only be controlled by a setting within the web browser itself. As I’m only an occasional web site developer, I don’t know whether this has improved over the years.

This sounds buggy, as you are suggesting. Maybe best to pursue with Discourse.

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