Improvement for the Librem 5's Battery life

Is there a place where one can follow the recent improvement of the Librem 5’s battery life. I’m interested to know the development made so far on that front.

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“Recent” relevant blog posts: and


Here is an overview:

There are links in that FAQ answer to bug reports that you can check. It is mostly a question of the i.MX 8M driver, and you can follow that by watching:


Kernel 5.13.14 on Byzantium has more battery life to L5, I just waiting the next kernel version 5.14 to get more bug fixes, camera sensor improvements and more … of course thank Purism!


How are yii getting this new kernel. I’ve just done an apt-get update + apt-get full-uograde and it sees no new kernel. It’s running 5.13.0-1-librem5 at present.

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@carlosgonz did say Byzantium. Are you on the Amber release or the Byzantium release?

lsb_release -a | grep Codename:

kernel version gotten by uname -r

He also said

just waiting the next kernel version 5.14

The latest available kernel is 5.13.16pureos1 in landing, 5.13.14pureos1 in byzantium and 5.13.12pureos1~amber1 in amber-phone (and 5.13.16pureos1~amber1 should arrive soon in amber-phone-staging).


Installed version can be checked with dpkg -l linux-image-5.13.0-1-librem5. uname only tells the MAJOR.MINOR version (in this case 5.13), nothing more.

There is no 5.14 based tree available yet (and IIRC won’t be, we’ll likely skip straight to 5.15).