In search of a FLOSS virtualisation distant interface

Hello everybody, (I don’t really know if this is the place to ask this or not but I think my demand can be interesting to other people) I’m in the quest of finding a distant GUI to manage VMs on a future server over my personal network with a bunch of devices, I did a bit of research but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find what I wanted (or at least an easy explanation or answer).
So heres my criteria for what I need/would like:

  • It has to be free (in price and in liberty, first because I can’t afford professional software since it’s just for intensive home use and the second is pretty self-explanatory) and open source (my VMs will help me improve my privacy and I just can’t have any critical software compromising everything)
  • It has to have bare-metal performances
  • It has to be over the network (that way I can keep the sever in a closet and forget about it, and I can do my things with any devices)
  • It has to be simple to use (I don’t mind having to learn things but it would be very helpful if the learning curve isn’t in the “straight to the roof” fashion)
  • It has to be protected by a password (I don’t want anyone invited on my network to be able to toy around with my work and data)
  • A dark mode for the GUI would be very appreciated (very optional here but I really like it when what I use doesn’t kill my eyes, even if Redshift already does an excellent work with blue light I like to reduce it to a bare minimal)

So if anyone here has a solution I would gladly take it :slight_smile:

libvirtd (over KVM) + VirtManager.

VirtManager can connect to remote servers’ displays if you give it the SSH key to the hypervisor (although I only use it when I need to upgrade the system, otherwise plain SSH to the VM is enough). The network can be configured to share the network adapter with the hypervisor, effectively making every VM available on the Ethernet network.

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Thanks, looks like a very good solution, I can’t try it ATM but when I’ll get my server I will do some feedback. :slight_smile: