Inches (screen), storage and battery

Hello, since the delivery of the mobile will be delayed, I think there is time to change or improve some things.

Could the screen be 5.5 “? For many users, 5.7” is too much. Although if the total size of the phone will not increase when installing 5.7 ", the problem would not be so important.

The internal storage could be 64 GB? 32 GB is very little today, I think you will all agree with me on this. I read that there were some problems to install 64 GB, but is it really impossible?

What battery will the phone have? I have only read that it will be removable, but it is very important to know what capacity it will have.

Hi, well I think they should stick with what they already decided or else they might run into a wall and would need another delay. :confused:

I don’t know about the situation with the internal storage but for me it’s pretty minor since nowadays you can get a 400GB SD card for less than 100€ and anyway I already intended to get a very large sd card.


32Go is more than enought for a linux system.
It’s easy to add storage with SD card. It’s not Android, iOS or widows system, an external SD card will work without restriction.


@Torrone I certainly agree. 3GB RAM and 32GB storage + an SD card slot for extensive photo collections (I have a 128GB card in my S3) are really good for a Linux based system.

Unless maybe you have a need to run Java-based applications. I heard, the RAM limitation of a RasPi makes it a pain to use for things like openHAB. So, the first thing I would like to see an upgrade would be RAM. That will definitely be the one users will benefit most.

Maybe they could make a “plus” version with 4/6/8GB RAM and 64GB storage, for those willing to pay more for that. But I’d also like to see (at least) 4GB RAM to be the default.

Screen size has been discussed extensively in other threads. Please have a look there.

No, it is not.
Because if you knew, you would probably make wild assumptions what that means. Not even the devs so far made predictions about the expected power consumption, which was wise in hindsight, because the CPU almost changed, RAM is not yet fixed and seemingly the display also.
So, we simply don’t know how long a certain battery would last. And even if we knew, it could be misleading because software optimizations could change it a lot.
It will hopefully be big enough to survive at least one full day, preferably several days, while not adding too much weight and thickness to the device. I don’t need a week of battery life if it is too heavy to take it with me…


with the librem 5 the battery life could be extended by using oled or amoled screen technology with low gamut rating for low power consumption. it appears that purism will be using an average LCD screen. that and the non-hot-swapable-battery are the things that make me wait.