Incoming calls/SMS wake up the screen but are not received

I don’t know whether that has an impact, I have just set the “automatic suspend” to 15 minutes when on battery power. I have tested once with 3 SMS, sent at 2/3 minutes time interval and a call. Upon sending the SMS or making the call, the screen of the L5 nearly immediately wakes up but no SMS or call is received. The “mobile” icon has disappeared and there is no “mobile” entry in the settings menu. I re-tested about 1h15 minutes later, this time the SMS was received and the mobile icon and menu entry are back.

Could that be related to “automatic suspend”? I have no clue what this “automatic suspend” exactly means by the way.

Is there any issue already registered for such type of thing? I don’t know whether some logs somewhere would be useful (the phone is still on, so I hope all logs are still there, and I have a record of the time the SMS/calls were made).

Side thing: I never get any notification sound for SMS, not sure how to adjust that (I would like to get a sound).

Yes. See this:

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