Incremental Payments

Hi, I have a question regarding paying for one of these laptops.

Would it be possible, like System76 or eBay does, to set up a way to pay off the laptop a little bit each month? Paypal doesn’t offer this normally except on eBay, and no other payment method I know on here does that.

I’ve been meaning to get off from my Thinkpad with a gen 1 (Ironlake) Intel CPU and get a more powerful 5th+ Gen CPU to do some slightly more powerful stuff with it. Also the freedom respecting aspect is really appealing and important to me.

Any help here, or am I stuck until I can pay for it in one lump sum? I’ve considered small loans, but since I’m not currently employed, I don’t qualify for them, and besides, they’re loans anyway… they come with interest rates and fees. I’m not too big on that.

Hi Riley,

Please contact us at, and explain this. Our ops guy, Goran, might help you.