Indian backer questions/suggestions for librem5

Hello everyone, I have been reading about Librem5 lately in forums and progress reports. Despite my very low finances I am willing to support this project and I would like to pre-order one. However, I have few questions in mind for which I was not able to find answer in forums. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can provide a clear answer citing sources/references.

  1. So far I know that there will be hardware-based kill-switches for Wifi/Bluetooth/Baseband/Camera. Will there be a kill-switch for GPS too? If not, I would like to ask the community to suggest a kill-switch for GPS as well.

  2. Will it support frequency bands for India. Before having myself familiar with Librem5 I was thinking to purchase FairPhone but it didn’t support any Indian bands. It was a major frustration for me not being able to buy it. With this bullet point, I would like to suggest Purism to add support for Indian frequency bands too.



  1. that would be included under the sensors kill switch
  2. purism have no contracts announced at the moment so i imagine you could just drop any old sim in and go, i don’t think India uses different chipsets than the rest of the world

I do not remember where in this forum the problem has been addressed and the answer is that the gps has no active connections but only passive and therefore does not need the key to kill