Initial login to Qubes, Disc Password does not work

I just got back from repair a Librem 13 V2. I want to use Qubes on this. I gave it a two hour battery charge. When I try to start it up. I accepts the Librem Key HOTP and says passed. I get a screen for Qubes (on the slower drive) When I enter the password I previously set before I sent it to repair. It again asks for disk Password.

I also received back a USB key that has, I think a secret code for machine. I plug that one in and the key also offers to install Qubes again.

I am perfectly comfortable installing Qubes again. In fact, it is a good idea from a Security standpoint.

If I install Qubes from this point. What else will I have to do to keep the Librem Key HOTP working? I had thought the HOTP somehow verified the OS???

Edit: I was going to say that I could not get into the Purism documentation pages. Getting PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

I realized I solved this before by starting VPN, and the documentation pages show up. I am guessing this occurs because I am using a HotSpot off my iPhone 14 Plus (IOS fully updated). I guess ATT is protecting me. Or ???

I have most of this working. I need to do an update of Qubes before deciding if anything else is wrong.