Initial screen shows the following

The day has arrived, unboxing the Librem 5 USA.
Worked according to the tutorial in the documentation section, inserted the nano sim and SD card.
Glued on the Privacy screen I ordered with the phone and thereafter connected the charger.
Surprise!! I didn’t turn on the screen not before and not after but by connecting the charger the screen turned on with the following screen.
Enter disk decryption passphrase, showing the keyboard underneath.
I would like to know what to do when the charging has completed.
I need some advise here, thank you.

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if I understood your problem, you just have to insert:


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With time you’ll confirm that this surprise is just very expected behavior (current one). Perfect, just usual behavior, as expected to happen with the Librem 5!

I’d recommend to you to wait until constant red LED light turned off (also take a look if 100% shown, when enabled under Settings/Power). Charging is completed when no LED light shown, meaning (but I’m no expert) internal Librem 5 charger stopped charging its battery, therefore disconnect it when you decide to do so, no rush, charging is stopped and Librem 5 battery kept at 100% (4.2V) until disconnected, I think.

As you are new Librem 5 user please turn it off before it turns of by itself at 2% of battery capacity. At 10% blue LED light blinks (if I recall correctly).

I am talking about the wrong screen showing.
The welcome screen is not turning on when I turn on the phone. I have not inserted a decryption code, the phone is brand new.

Is red LED light on during charging? If so, leave your Librem 5 charging for another hour or so. Also, and if you want instant solution please disconnect USB-C power cable from Librem 5 USB-C port and hold power button for almost 20 seconds. As green LED light shows release power button on your Librem 5.

EDIT: Taking Librem 5 battery out and putting it back will turn your Librem 5 on as well. Take a look if battery contacts isolated (make sure they aren’t).

The issue is not the charging of the battery. The screen that turns on is the screen requesting the decryption password. The screen that needs to turn on is the unlock screen. The battery is charging for over 2 hours now, red light turned on.
I have seen the problem written somewhere but don’t remember the headline.

The welcome screen appears after the file system is decrypted. Do the instructions say otherwise? If you confirm, I’ll try to get it fixed.

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Let me be quite sure :shushing_face: that your /home partition didn’t expand as expected, therefore no welcome screen. Your next step would be to … start from scratch, no big deal.

The problem is that I don’t have set a decryption password. The phone is brand new, still charging the first charge.

The initial password is 123456. We’re aware that some manuals come without this password clearly disclosed. You can change it later.


Do you think that @dav69 might be in situation where it is needed usage of JumpDrive to expand /home? Asking while in situation where Librem 5 powered on (if so) with almost empty battery it might happen that there related partition (either plain or encrypted one) would not expand because Librem 5 would shut down in the middle of the initial install process (not completing it properly). Just trying to help, nothing else, trying to understand which kind of help needed there.

@dav69, after entering 123456 twice ware you able to get to the main GUI screen?

Yes but only after getting advice to disconnect the charger and long press on the power key.
I also found out that changing the password for the lock screen has a negative effect on the decryption of the phone. The decryption password stays 123456 and gives error messages of failed decryption.
I changed the password back to 233456 and everything turned to normal.
Thank you for the help.

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The decryption password and the login password are totally separate passwords. Changing one will not change the other. Therefore if you want them to be the same (and not the insecure default) then you need to change each separately.

Why do I get decryption error messages after having changed the user password? Any ideas?
Thank you

In the documentation section of Purism it explains how to change the users password but I could not find how to change Lock Screen password?
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Use the passwd command in terminal. This sets the user password and the lock screen password. (Not to be confused with the decryption password.)


I am confused! The user password is the lockscreen password.
The decryption screen is the 123456 password right?

I went with the non-Luks-encrypted version of byzantium when I flashed it, so I can’t advise about that. Maybe someone else can explain it.

With the non-Luks version, there is first a locked screen where one has to enter the user password. Then the home screen appears. Some apps, such as the backups app also require the user password, and of course when using sudo in the terminal. Then every time the screen locks, the user password has to be entered again.

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Not how I would word it. The default password (123456) is the same initially for both, the disc decryption and for user actions like lock screen (which include admin/root actions via sudo etc.). So, the user password opens the lock screen. The disc decryption (LUKS is used by default - or at least was for me a few moths ago with Evergreen) key/password is not linked to it - it just happens to have the same default.

Remember to change both and make them different.